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The German cockroach is becoming more of a problem in Ireland due to numerous factors – our changing climate being one and also the thriving tourism industry! Our travelling habits to more exotic locations have resulted in them being imported back home, with us in our clothes, luggage. And also with the growing importation of Hotspots affected by Cockroaches include places serving food on a constant basis such as Restaurants, Takeaways, Nursing homes, Hospitals and our own homes are also becoming more prevalent. They prefer a warmer climate and mainly found around kitchen areas due to the availability of food heat and harbourage.


The German cockroach is yellow/brown in colour with 2 dark brown stripes across its
back. They are commonly identified by their long antennae and spiny legs.
The female will lay her eggs in a case called an ootheca, this will hold an average of 30-40 eggs. She will carry this case for 2-4 weeks before they hatch. Once hatched the nymphs will go through several moults which will take them through to adulthood. They reach maturity at 12 weeks and will scavenge food from every available source, they are also known to eat non foodstuffs like toothpaste, soap etc.

Pest Control: Cockroach Bug Control

Once a food source cannot be located the cockroach is known for its cannibalistic. Upon inspection our technician will advise you on the plan of action. Cockroaches have been around long before us (approx 350 million years old!) and are extremely resilient; the treatment for cockroaches must at all times be extremely thorough.