mouse pest control dublin

Mice are becoming very problematic in Ireland. You can have a major infestation problem within a matter of weeks. The main cause being their population explosion and their very short gestation period, if you have a doe (female mouse) dropping a litter of between 6-8 and the litter becoming sexually active between 6-8 weeks doing the maths will lead to a startling statistic! They are an inquisitive creature by nature but will normally stick to a 20-25 ft radius of their nest. Their droppings and urine are a major health risk for both the domestic and commercial customer.
Pest Control in particular Mice Control is very important in order to minimize the chance of infestation. The following are key tips to consider to help you get rid of mice and prevent in advance. The first step is recognising the presence of mice.


House mice are light brown or grey in colour and are covered in short hairs apart from the tail and ears, they can weigh between 12-30 grams and can measure up to 20 grams. They have a lighter coloured under belly and have little or no hair on their tails and ears. Determining the sex of a mouse can be extremely tricky when they are young, but as they gain weight and age it will become more obvious.

Life Cycle

The average life span of the house mouse is between 1 and a half and 3 years with most living up to 2 years of age. The gestation period is 21 days with a weaning period of 21 days. They reach sexual maturity between 6-8 weeks, so with the average litter size of 6-8 an infestation can take hold on a property very quickly.

Pest Control: Mice Control

Upon inspection our exterminator will advise you on the plan of action. If bait is a preferred option then all of our installed bait stations are tamper proof thus eliminating baits coming into contact with young children and pets. Once you have identified the presence of mice an exterminator can be called upon to help you get rid of the mice in a professional and efficient manner.