30 % increase in Rodent activity

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30 % increase in Rodent activity

Tuesday 25th October 2016

This year alone we have seen a 30 % increase in Rodent activity. And we are in line with global statistics as they have increased globally not only in Ireland. We have embraced new technology in our constant battle against rodents. From endoscope cameras to let us get into places where the human eye cannot see and motion sensor cameras which we leave in place so we can gauge rodent activity or lack of it!!

We have also taken on board the “Traptec” system which basically is a GSM monitored trap system where if a trap is activated. We receive a text message or an email to confirm it! This will cut down on unnecessary follow-up calls if there is no activity – saving you our customer money!

The Traptec GSM monitored rodent trapping system

Wednesday 2nd November 2016

We have started to use the Traptec GSM monitored rodent trapping system. We were skeptical at first but it has come into its own and will benefit both client and our technicians. Our technician will run you through the system which may seem very technical but is very straight forward.

The wedge is connected to the traps in your property and when a rodent activates a trap the wedge sends a signal to a GSM station which will be plugged into your property. This station will then send a message via either email or text message to our phones. This will then save us calling to your property for a follow-up call when there will be no need to thus saving you the expense of a follow-up call unless it will be needed.

This system can also be connected to feral cat traps. We are embracing this system and looking to techniques of old to try and refrain from using baits as we feel poisoning is not only having a negative effect on non-target species but also secondary poisoning on our endangered wildlife. A big part of keeping your home rodent free is proofing your property against rats and mice, from the attic space to drainage on your property


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