Another major commercial pest control contract including rodents control…

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Rodents and also electric fly filler maintenance and service

5th March 2017

Great news to end the week – another major commercial pest management contract including rodent control and also electric fly filler maintenance and service on board so it’s beginning to look like the start of a good month.
We have received a couple of calls this week regarding cockroaches – which seem to be making a comeback, one woman had purchased a used microwave oven and almost immediately noticed cockroach sightings in her kitchen.

We have also received 2 bird calls this week -which were mistaken for mice, this will coincide with the nesting season. One of the birds had managed to get stuck inside a sitting room wall on the far side of a chimney wall, the bird was retrieved from the wall after we removed skirting boards and a plaster board wall !!
A rat problem on another call gaining access from one property through to the others roof space in an adjoining extension- remember if there is a rodent problem on your property it is advisable to let your neighbours know as it could be their problem and you are getting the overflow – or vise versa.

A large amount of rodent problems

17th March 2017

We are encountering a lot of rodent problems. We received a call from a concerned client after a previous pest control company placed poison under the kitchen kick boards, garden decking and under the flooring of a domestic property and failed to ask the customer any basic questions regarding pets/children etc – resulting in the family pet ingesting a block of poison.

Please if you are calling a pest control company onto your premises – please ask them to produce their full credentials i.e certs and also their public liability details – if they have them there will be no problems.

We have had one house call this week where we placed in a motion detection camera and to our surprise and the customers’ horror we found 3 different problems showing up over a 4 day period- Rats, mice … and a water vole!!
Access into the property was basically down to building work carried out and leaving piping areas exposed – this work coincided with the activity starting…. if in doubt give us a call – rodent control advice is free!!

A rat problem

27th March 2017

Well, the ant season has started with numerous calls coming in from houses to nursing homes. Once the ground temperature rises we will see the ants emerge causing a problem for homeowners and businesses alike. We received a rodent call from an apartment block where a rat had actually

We received a rodent call from an apartment block where a rat had actually come up the toilet pot, we went out to find the occupant had flushed the toilet – the rat disappeared and then reappeared in the apartment next door!! We know rats can make their way up toilets with ease -but these apartments were 3

We know rats can make their way up toilets with ease -but these apartments were 3 storeys up!!
Wasp nests are also becoming a problem around this time of year.

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