Property infested with rats and rodent control in a building…

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Property infested with rats

19th February 2017

Another busy week ending with a callout to a property infested with rats.

The problem seemed to take hold fairly quickly and before the client knew what was happening the problem became unmanageable.
We were able to find a point of entry – and as we keep telling people – proofing your property will dramatically reduce the prospect of getting these pesky rodents. Upon arrival the client had tried trapping but used mouse traps for a rat problem – this gives us a bit of a headache, as the rodent will probably not get killed by the trap and only get a nasty surprise …. but now it knows that traps are danger …and now we have the problem of rodents becoming trap shy.

This property has had a dishwasher waste pipe chewed in half and also spotlights literally chewed off the ceiling, so when you get all of these variables in one sitting on the same property you know it’s not going to be an easy fix .. remember rodents are extremely smart little creatures. We are also receiving plenty of inquiries from commercial customers with pest management surveys up 25% since last month. We offer a fully documented pest management system to commercial customers- but have also started rolling out this service to domestic customers.

This system will favor people in high-risk areas where we give them a routine call every 6-8 weeks meaning we can ascertain if they have a problem at an earlier stage. It actually saves the client money in the long run. And also give them a piece of mind knowing there is a system in place.

Rodent infestation

22nd February 2017

A call came in from a building project which was left idle for 8 years. It is really sad to see as you can actually see where tools were just downed.
We were called for a rodent infestation in the houses that were built, not only had they a rodent problem but also Hares, Birds, Mice, along with the rats!! nice combination.
Things have really taken hold over the past couple of weeks and we have many calls coming in for proofing work… Prevention can sometimes be the best policy. We have recently finished a 35 block of apartments with vents big enough to allow rodents in. And, as you may know blocking the vents, is not an option, but meshing over them with a smaller grade cover is.

Rodent control

26th February 2017
We have become extremely busy with rodent problems in certain parts of Dublin, Clontarf, Artane, and Killester seem to have spiked at the moment.

This may have numerous causes. Construction work in these areas has risen, the temperature has dropped, and also our much milder climate.
All of these variables have a knock on effect of each other. When we have such mild weather rodents will carry on breeding leading us to a double season.

We are on our first really major infestation of mice in 2017, we were called to a home where they had a mouse problem. After cleaning out a storage shed where they had kept bags of dry dog food they found one of the 10 kg bags completely empty! All of the other bags were removed and disposed of and when the food source was removed. The mice went looking for alternative accommodation with food which was the home.

To date, we have caught 37 mice in traps and used 12 blocks of bait around the shed area. When you enter a room and you visually see mice casually scurrying around then you know you have a major problem. We normally have a handle on a job in 3 visits max – but this is going to be an exception. We also got great news on Friday with 2 new contracts on board. Another building project and a hospital – so onwards and upwards!!


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