More About Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are once again surging in popularity (or unpopularity) due to to numerous factors and our main culprit is travel. Bed Bugs Travel! Not only are people bringing the Bed bug back from overseas holidays, but there are growing numbers of people holidaying within Ireland. And they are bringing this parasite home with them. […]

Pest proofing, Rat attack and Fleas are back – September 2017

Pest proofing (28/09/2017) We are getting numerous calls – especially due to the pending weather change regarding proofing work. We normally carry out minor proofing work on properties – or if we are unable to will refer you onto a contracted fully insured and licensed construction company. Most proofing work can be something very basic […]

5 Solutions for Rodent and Pest Problems in Dublin

Most homes in Dublin will experience a pest problem at one time or another. The most common pest problems for Dublin homes are rat problems and rodent control in general. Prevention is better than cure for any pest problem so ensuring that holes and gaps in outside walls, brickwork, floorboards and skirting can be key […]

A silverfish infestation in an apartment block…

45 Apartments plus a basement infested with silverfish 5Th February 2017 Another busy week has ended with a silverfish infestation in an apartment block. We have dealt with silverfish before but never on this scale! 45 Apartments plus a basement infested due to a damp problem in the building… We have started the treatment to eradicate […]