Pest proofing, Rat attack and Fleas are back – September 2017

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Pest proofing (28/09/2017)

We are getting numerous calls – especially due to the pending weather change regarding proofing work. We normally carry out minor proofing work on properties – or if we are unable to will refer you onto a contracted fully insured and licensed construction company. Most proofing work can be something very basic like gaps around piping, under doors, broken vents or minor waste junction box proofing.

Rat attack (23/09/2017)

We were called to a property in north Dublin where a rodent had been reported attacking magpies and a pet cat in the back garden of a property!!. Rodents are becoming more brazen and will normally dominate if it is the dominant specie – We caught 14 rats over a 5 day period which had taken over a garden shed, not a pretty sight.

Fleas are back with a vengeance (15/09/2017)

We have received numerous calls regarding fleas over the last few days. we are unsure what has spiked this outbreak -in one house especially where our technician entered the property and was bitten numerous times upon entering!!
Even if you have a dog/cat who has been treated by a vet for the control of fleas it is wise to also get your home or business premises treated also to eliminate the risk of the outbreak in your dwelling.

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