A silverfish infestation in an apartment block…

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45 Apartments plus a basement infested with silverfish

5Th February 2017

Another busy week has ended with a silverfish infestation in an apartment block. We have dealt with silverfish before but never on this scale! 45 Apartments plus a basement infested due to a damp problem in the building… We have started the treatment to eradicate this problem but it will not be a pest problem that will disappear overnight. Silverfish dwell in damp unlit conditions and can cause problems when they start eating wallpaper, clothes, and paperwork. They are an unpleasant looking insect and are often mistaken for cockroaches.


Wasp nest removal

12th February 2017

Major pest problems at the end of this week, some really out of the ordinary jobs coming in from a wasp nest removal from within the wheels of a bicycle to a rodent problem in a 171 d Mercedes in a car showroom!!. We are also having a major headache with rats showing extreme signs of Neophobia, they are becoming more and more weary of bait and traps – partly from people setting traps wrong or in the wrong areas or over-trapping areas.
Rats are extremely clever creatures and will use young/old or injured rodent to actually test bait or traps first. If they get caught in the trap it will serve 2 purposes: – 1) it will teach others not to

1) It will teach others not to feed from traps and see traps as a threat.

2) The trapped rodent will now become a food source as rats are known to become cannibalistic once there is a shortage of food.

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