Rat problems causing significant damage to properties

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The main culprit so far has been Rodents…

5Th January 2017

The start of 2017 has started where 2016 left off – busy busy busy – And the main culprit so far has been Rodents. We are having major difficulties over the past couple of weeks with rat problems causing significant damage to properties. We are currently at full stretch with all of our motion sensor cameras and traptec systems already out on domestic calls, the motion cameras are picking up great footage of rats showing acute signs of Neophobia

noun: neophobia

Extreme or irrational fear or dislike of anything new or unfamiliar.****
These tendencies are causing a major headache for pest control technicians with rats also showing signs of Bait shyness and trap shyness, one of the causes of this in our opinion is where a householder tackles the problem themselves and calls in Pest Control when they are unsure of how to proceed after getting some activity or no activity through sprung traps or inadequate use of rodenticides. We tell all potential customers who ring Pest Control Dublin — “Advice is Free”

Rats are stealing the show so far this year

16th January 2017

Rats are stealing the show so far this year , we have been inundated with calls regarding rodent activity and we have received more calls in the past 2 weeks than we have in the past 2 months . Most calls are from people looking for tips on how to best pest proof their homes to stop rodent entry , unfortunately this can be a daunting task depending on your property. we were called to a cottage with a Thatched roof and it has been our first thatched roof in 17 years- and how do you pest proof a thatched roof ??? well you probably can’t as there are so many variables -birds, rodents, insects to name but a few .

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