5 Solutions for Rodent and Pest Problems in Dublin

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Most homes in Dublin will experience a pest problem at one time or another.

The most common pest problems for Dublin homes are rat problems and rodent control in general. Prevention is better than cure for any pest problem so ensuring that holes and gaps in outside walls, brickwork, floorboards and skirting can be key in rodent control. Ensuring that cupboards are clutter free and removing anything that could be used for nesting also minimizes the risk of a pest problem.

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These are also important to take care of when you already have a rodent or rat problem. In addition, you can use the following:

5 solutions for pest problems

  1. Snap traps are the most commonly used for a rat problem and for good reason. Quick and effective, they are more human and safer than poisons which could be ingested directly or indirectly by pets or predators.

  2. Live traps appeal to some but it should be noted that releasing the rodent in the wild, away from civilization, will likely not save them but instead expose them to predators and food shortages. Releasing them too close to home may mean you have to repeat this rodent control process over and over!

  3. Rat poison or rodenticides are sometimes used but can cause a slow and painful death while also being potentially harmful for children or pets.

  4. Ultrasonic devices are sometimes popular due to their human nature; however, they tend to be of limited effectiveness in dealing with a pest problem. Rodents can often become accustomed to the sound over time and therefore this defence tends to need to be replaced with one of the other rodent control methods.

  5. Rodent Control Experts. Often, the quickest and most effective solution is to call in pest problem experts who specialize in rodent control. Especially with a rat problem, due to their size and ability to reproduce quickly, it is important to deal with them quickly as a small rat problem can become an infestation very quickly when not dealt with.

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